Shingle Roof Repair, Replacement & Installation

Shingle installation

35 year Cambridge shingle with up to a 10 year transferable warranty

Turn your shingle installation into a curb appeal opportunity as you prepare to have a new shingle roof installed. Finding the right color for your shingle roof can be daunting but it will increase the beauty of your home.

Colour choices available are “Aged Redwood“, the ever popular “Charcoal Grey“, “Driftwood“, “Dual Black“, “Dual Brown“, “Dual Grey“, “Earthtone Cedar“, “Harvard Slate“, and “Weatherwood“. 

Plus the multitude of colours available from BP Shingles. Our roofing experts can help you choose the roof shingle colour that will best suit your home, but it’s important to remember just how important this process is, since it will directly affect what may be your largest single investment – your home.

Shingle and Roof Repair and Replacement

At Assured Quality Roofers we do asphalt shingle installation, flat roofing and metal roofing . One of our specialties is preserving and maintaining of your existing roofing system. We can help you determine if it is worthwhile to fix the existing roofing system or  if it’s time to replace the roof system entirely.

At Assured Quality Roofers we do custom roof installation/replacements exceeding building code minimum.

Shingle and Roof Repair and Replacement

Our certified roof installers are fully licensed,  and insured. We have over 25 years of experience in full roof replacement, roof repairs, roof installation and inspections.

Whether you need a new shingle roof installed or just a repair, our expert roofers will help you in getting your roofing problems solved right the first time and within a budget, as we have many options available. New shingle installation. At Assured Quality Roofers , you are a valued customer.

Shingle Replacement

If your shingle roof is leaking don’t wait! A leaky shingle roof should be fixed immediately so as to avoid costly interior repairs and development of mold and rotting wood. Shingle roof leaks should be inspected immediately. Repairing the shingle roof promptly can potentially save you thousands of dollars, not to mention the headaches and stress that is involved. 

Most common reasons for a shingle roof repair are;

  • Damage due to high winds
  • Ice damming
  • Squirrels and raccoons causing damage
  • Improper shingle installation on original roof

Shingle Repair

Most people don’t appreciate the roof until they have a leak and then they can’t sleep through the night. When we do a shingle roof repair, our customers like us to do a thorough job while we are on the roof. The whole purpose of spending money on shingle roof maintenance is to stretch out the life of the existing roof shingles and to ensure you don’t get a leak in a different spot on your shingled roof later.

Typically what we do is we check the entire roof with a “fine tooth comb”, checking for cracks, holes, loose nails, missing roof shingles, sealing all attic vents, plumbing pipe covers, furnace flanges, skylights etc. Warranties are available on roof repairs, however; everybody would agree that, it is sometimes hard to give a guarantee on an old dilapidated shingle roof.