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The purpose of cleaning an eavestrough is to prevent water damage inside the house. This is why many people choose to install leaf guards. Installing gutter guards is a preventative measure. Usually, when you call a company to clean your eaves troughs, they are already plugged. This leaves you vulnerable to damage inside the house ceiling and basement.

Gutter Guards

Install Smart Screen and forget about cleaning out your eavestrough. Smart Screen is a Gutter Protection System that filters out leaves and debris. This keeps gutters clean and free-flowing.

Smart Screen has a heavy-duty, all aluminum construction. Its front and back fastening system, strengthens the entire gutter system. This eliminates damage from wind, animals and the weight of snow and ice. Smart Screen is the only gutter protection product to receive the Holmes Approved Product designation by Mike Holmes.

Smart Screen Gutter Guards

We choose to use Smart Screen Leaf Guard because it’s the highest quality product on the market. It offers years of protection from clogged gutters, serious leaks in basements, windows, walls and foundations. Smart Screen Leaf Guard is made of heavy-duty, all Aluminum construction. It provides maximum strength and durability. No worrying about rips and tears that may occur with other products.  Call us for further details! (416) 577-0832